DIY Nails On a Budget Tutorial – Valentine’s Day themed {Makeup by Cristina Underwood}

Hello Beauties!

Wow! It’s already the middle of February, where does the time go?? I am so excited to bring to you my very first post (YAYAYAY!!! **Cheering*** Clapping***) I know this post is a little late, but I just had to share what an amazing Valentine’s Day I had this year with my husband. He made me a steak dinner, and home-made chocolate covered strawberries! Doesn’t it all look delish 🙂


Since part of his gift was giving me a “day off” of all mommy duties I was able to pamper myself to my very own mani/pedi.  I had gone to the Dollar Tree store about a month ago and purchased some nails and nail glue so I thought this would be the perfect afternoon to use my new goodies (ok well not really “new” they were a month old already, but you get my point). I created 2 different ways to wear these nails so I was SUPER excited about that! I would say that was money well spent! 🙂 Hope you enjoy this tutorial, here we go!


Step 1: These are the fake nails I purchased at the Dollar Tree. They came in a pack of 12 nails so I bought 2 packs for both of my hands.
Step 2: First things first, you have to find the right size nail for each of your fingers. If the nails don’t fit exact take a larger one and file down the sides. That way you can’t see your real nail on the sides and it blends nicely.
Step 3: Once you’ve established which nails fit on which finger line them up in a row so that it’s easier for you to glue them on with no confusion. This may seem like a meaningless step, but hey… you never know what distractions will come your way when you’re pampering yourself 😉
Step 4: I used this La Cross manicure set to cut my nails, file them down, and then cut my cuticles. Any manicure set that you have will do 🙂


Step 5: Now for the tops of the nails… Instead of using the nail file in the manicure set I used this Sani-Block (I guess that’s what it’s called?? who knew.. lol) from Sally’s Beauty Supply. It has the three sides to Buff, Smooth, and Shine the nails. *This step is super important. You want your nails to be as smooth as possible so when you glue the fake nail down it adheres to the whole thing and not just spots*
Step 6: This is what it should look like when you’re done 🙂
Step 7: I bought this nail glue at the Dollar Tree also and so far it seems to be holding strong!
Step 8: Apply the glue to the back of the fake nail and the press it down onto your real nail. Hold for about 10-15 seconds (Apply as much pressure as you can but don’t hurt yourself, this should be painless… after all we’re pampering ourselves remember). At this point you can file the nails slightly add a top coat and be done! Aren’t they pretty?! But to be festive I went a few steps further.


Step 9: I’m a “short nails” kinda gal… so I cut mine down to a length that was manageable and filed the rough edges out.
Step 10: Using the Orly 2-in-1 nail polish (on the left) I applied 1 coat to the nails. Remember the Maybelline Express Finish (on the right) in this picture cause I’ll be using it in the last step 😉
Step 11: Time to make a heart stencil. I used a tape that is meant to help reduce scars for this step! lol 🙂 You know us moms, we improvise! You can use whatever your little heart desires… I’ve seen others use scotch tape and even band aids. Anyhow… whatever you choose to use fold it in half and with scissors cut a half heart shape and then carefull pull the pieces apart. Tape this to whatever nail you’d like to have a design on. I did my ring finger.
Step 12: These are the 2 nail polishes I used for my Valentine’s Day inspired nails. They’re from O*P*I and unfortunately they didn’t have names on them because they are sample sizes. :(….


Step 13: Apply 2 coats of the matte O*P*I nail polish (over the tape stencil too). If you can put your nails in front of a fan or wait a few minutes for them to dry before going onto the next step that would help, but if you can’t move on 🙂
Step 14: *Remove the heart tape from your ring finger* Apply 2 coats of the gorgeous glittery O*P*I nail polish and to help it dry faster apply 1 coat of the Maybelline Express Finish nail polish in step 10…and… VOILA! A brand new beautiful set of nails!

Stay tuned for my next blog post… it’s a black and gold Arabic inspired makeup look with the beautiful LookAMillion from the UK! Till then remember to Laugh often and Love always!
xoxo, Cristina


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